Thanks so much for your amazing serum. I love it!! It makes my creamy foundation go on so nicely. And I haven’t broken out or anything. I feel like it is really working on my wrinkles and hydrating my skin.

Kim W., Granada Hills, CA


I’m 26 and have tried everything from proactive to acutain to keep my acne under control since I hit puberty.  Since I became pregnant, my acne has just escalated horribly.  My face is scarred greatly from two treatments of acutain and the pregnancy just brought on those BIG, deep zits that are painful and take forever to completely surface.  The dermatologist’s advice to me was I will outgrow it and it should start getting better after I turned 18.  WRONG! No matter what the dermatologist gave me to try, my face was extremely dry, red, and within thirty minutes of putting on any make-up, my face was shiny.  I was given a bottle of  your organic skin serum to try.  I’ve tried everything else under the sun from the dermatologist, so I thought it couldn’t hurt trying something natural.  I use this serum every morning and night, after washing my face.  At first I noticed my face was starting to feel softer but it was breaking out even worse than before.  I still continued using the product and after two weeks, the acne subsided.  Within a month, all the new pimples that had appeared were healed.  By two months, my face was completely clear and some of the redness and scarring had faded.  And now, at two and a half months of using the face serum, I have NO acne, NO redness, and the few little wrinkles I was beginning to get, they are gone! No more caking on foundation in the mornings, no more shininess, and no more dry, flaky skin.  I walk out the door in the morning with just mascara and a dusting of a natural powder on my face.  I never imagined I would see my skin looking this healthy or felt I would gain so much confidence having a clear face.  I can finally kiss the ol’ crater face GOODBYE!

Kristine S., Lewiston, ID


I just wanted to let you know that I love the serum.  I have been using it for a couple weeks now and my skin did not break out and is so soft. I think I see a reduction in puffiness under my eyes and lines in general!  I use it all over.  It has become my eye cream, facial moisturizer, lip balm and I rub it into my hands too.  My make-up goes on like butter and my eye makeup stays on better as well.

Jessica S., Bakersfield, CA


Zaki Hair Serum is awesome! I have thick, coarse hair, and most serums only leave a heavy coat of oil and weigh my hair down. Zaki Hair Serum actually penetrates my hair, leaving it soft and frizz-free. Even my stylist says my hair is super conditioned!  I really do love this product and I am tough because my hair is out of control. I will tell you I have used this right out of the shower with freshly washed hair treated with serum and wrapped in a towel–it leaves my hair in nice curls. I have also gotten ready for work with ‘dry’ hair that I spray with water and work a bit of serum through for regular smoothing and holding. Perfect! An added bonus: I am not afraid to have this serum on my hands after working it through my hair. It is all natural! Another added bonus: the essential oils are perfectly balanced, it has a great, refreshing and relaxing scent. I have tried many, many hair products. Zaki Hair Serum is my new go to product!

Regina L., Seattle, WA


I got a fever blister on my bottom lip on a Monday and by Saturday it was only a small scab.  I used Zaki Lip Balm only (no lysine or anything).  It never got to the big blister stage or very painful.  So for me, it worked very well.

Diane H., Seven Bays, WA


I have what is now known as “mature skin” at 59 years old and while I am not prone to deep wrinkles, I was beginning to have crow’s feet at the corners of my eyes.  I had enlarged pores on my nose and a bit of red blotches on my cheeks, perhaps the beginning of rosacia.  When I was younger I had very oily skin on my nose and forehead.  I have been using Zaki Face Serum for six months and my pores have shrunk noticeably.  My skin tones are more even and my skin is more evenly moisturized.  I’m looking forward to trying more Zaki products and shaving off a few years non-surgically!

Peggy W., Lacey, WA


I love Zaki body oil!  It is non greasy and moisturizing and has a wonderful smell!  I also found it was great on sunburns too. Early in the summer I got a bad burn on my shoulders, chest and back and applied the Zaki oil twice a day for a couple of days.  I was amazed at how quickly I healed and never itched, blistered or peeled!  I have never used a product on a burn that worked so effectively and quickly.  Zaki Oil is truly a great natural alternative to your daily moisturizers no matter what the need may be.

December J.,  Spokane, WA.


Since I’ve been using Zaki hair serum, not only has my thick, curly, coarse hair been behaving, but it’s shinier, smoother and less frizzy. My hair stylist commented that my hair and scalp seem healthier and I keep getting compliments about my hair at the grocery store, gym and work from people asking me what I’ve done differently with my hair. The only thing I’ve done differently is use Zaki. I also love the clean, fresh smell knowing that it comes from Mother Nature instead of a perfume. LOVE THIS STUFF!

Kelly, Santa Clarita, CA