Zaki Organics is skin care made from only certified organic or wild-crafted ingredients. This means our ingredients are provided by nature and have not been altered in the process of getting them to you. Real, raw ingredients like plant oils and botanicals are more effective than chemicals and synthetics. We are exposed to so many toxins daily. Let Zaki Organics help eliminate the ones in your skin care.

Our business was born out of the need for purity in personal care products. After developing severe allergic reactions to the synthetic ingredients in most products found on the shelf, many people make the switch to organic. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always solve the problem. Many so called “all natural” or “organic” brands and products have the same ingredients as the regular brands. There is virtually no regulation of personal care products and this leads to confusing labels and untrue claims. Most of the time consumers are paying more but most definitely not getting better products. Many high end brands have the same toxic ingredients and fillers as the drug store brands. In creating Zaki, much time has been dedicated to researching which ingredients are safe and effective for skin care. Zaki has been created to meet high standards in skin care using only pure and natural ingredients.